Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Mail

The mail came,
I sifted through,
Threw out the bad,
Saved the good.
There was the usual shit
Lazily thrown into cheap envelopes
Addressed anonymously
To anyone willing to open,
I didn’t hesitate -

I tore them to shreds.

Occasionally they were personalised,
Acted like they wanted you,
Treated you with an address,
Called you names you knew
But underneath,
You know it’s going to disappoint,
That really, it’s just the same wolf
Dressed in finer paper.
I saw through it of course,
It was simple enough -

I tore them to shreds.

Then, the pamphlets and leaflets
Offering all sorts of change,
Promises of better futures,
Of progress, improvements,
Interests and inspiration,
You fall for it, at first -
The colours entice you in
But eventually, depressingly
You see the price
And then you realise
It’s impossible, inevitable
And never going to happen -

I tore them to shreds.

Little left now, just the bills
Demanding money
For services rendered -
Overpriced, naturally,
But you have to pay
If you want to live - it’s sad though,
Sometimes you pay
Not to live, but to survive
To simply, exist - I’m sick of that,
Paying to last, to endure
To just get through
One more day...

I think I'll tear these up too
And see what happens. Afterall,
What bad news can the mail bring
If you no longer choose to open it?

So fuck the mail -
Your move, postman.

Copyright © 2013 by Simon Austin